• Sandie Wadsworth

Out and about - Norwich, Norfolk

When we are not photographing weddings or portraits we love nothing better than grabbing our cameras and heading somewhere interesting to take photographs. This weekend as the weather was so lovely we took a walk around our beautiful home town of Norwich.

Norwich is an incredibly historic city with loads of things to see and do.

Today we decided to walk around the Lanes and then down towards the Cathedral to see what we could find.

On our walk we saw some funky looking motorbikes by Norwich market. Wandering down by the University of the Arts we saw the 20ft high Damien Hirst statue called "Hymn" - you can read more about that here in the EDP.

Spring was definitely in the air as we found a pigeon building its nest in a hole in a wall and some lovely daffodils enjoying the sunshine along the river Wensum.

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