Who are Purplemeadow Photography?

Purplemeadow Photography is run by husband and wife team David and Sandie. 

Our shared love of photography began 30 years ago when I bought David his first 35mm SLR film camera as a wedding gift to celebrate our marriage. Digital photography was just beginning to be a "thing" back in the 80s! 

I took our wedding vows seriously -particularly the bit when David promised to share all his worldly goods (in this case his new camera) and my love of photography soon began to flourish too!

In the early days we developed our own photos in a home darkroom. Nothing could beat that excitement of watching a photograph come to life before our very own eyes! Far more exciting than putting the film in a Boots envelope and waiting for a week to get the prints back!


These days we have fully embraced the digital era and all the advantages that brings along with it.


We are a very down to earth, relaxed couple who love capturing candid, natural photos where people are showing their natural emotions and not forced smiles for the camera. We understand that sometimes posed photographs are a necessity but we try to make this as light hearted and enjoyable as possible - particularly if small children are involved as they tend to get bored very quickly of having to stand still.

If we sound like the kind of photographers you are looking for then click on our contact page to give us a call or send us a message for a no obligation chat to find out more about what services we can offer and whether we are the right photographers for you.